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I teach applied computer science courses at Mohawk College in Hamilton and at The SNP STEAM Academy in Brantford. Mohawk course materials are accessible through the eLearn course management system, and STEAM Academy materials are available through the STEAM BrightSpace system..

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Applied Research

I supervise and conduct applied research in Computer Science, focussing on Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and the Web. I as faculty co-supervisor for a web development project with Flow CPA, and I am currently working with TaleTeller to secure funding for work on an a self-publishing web site that will leverage Natuarl Language Processing and Machine Learning as assistive technologies.

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Bogsy's Magical Scrolls

This is a phone-friendly web app for Dungeons and Dragons players to research and organize their characters' spells. It's pretty nerdy!

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Competitive Programming

Computer Science group of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO-CS) sponsors an annual programming competition for high school students. Mohawk College also runs the Mohawk Coding Competition (MCC) for high school students. I have been on the question-writing team for both events. I have also taken part in a number of Google's Code Jams

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JavaScript Apps

First Mate is a JavaScript program that uses Monte Carlo Simulation to help a player defeat their BattleFriends at Sea opponents.

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Twitty Bird is a version of Flappy Bird that "retweets" recent stuff from Twitter when you succeed.

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Second Life

I develop dice games and other stuff in Second Life. My games use the Second Life physics engine to simulate dice rolling.

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Seating Plan Generator

Select your room size, paste in student names, generate a random seating plan, then click seats to toggle them available/unavailable.

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Recent Twitter

A tool to provide data for my students. Grabs a set of recent hashtags from Twitter and returns them as a text file.

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The "Pretty Good Plagiarism Detector" checks two pieces of code to find similar sequences. It's naive and inefficient but helpful.

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JavaScript Textbook

JavaScript for Mohawk Students is An introductory JavaScript textbook I wrote originally for students at Sheridan College and then adapted for Mohawk College students. I no longer use it, but it's still a good resource for beginners.

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Computational Linguistics

Web CHApp: A Web-based Contrastive Hierarchy App is an HTML5 Canvas app with a PHP and Prolog back end that allows linguists to generate and manipulate Contrastive Hierarchy trees for phonological inventories. This project is a collaboration with Elan Dresher at the University of Toronto.

Due Date Manager

An experiment in letting students pick their own due dates. Each assignment has a default date plus "wiggle room" specified in days (usually 7 days). Students have a limited-time opportunity to move their own due date. Late assignments are not accepted.

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UFA Wednesday

Created with student Nathan Schucher to manage courses, enrollment and grades for the Wednesday Enrichment Program at Ursula Franklin Academy.

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A multi-agent Java game where students create bots to face off against one another.

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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Another multi-agent Java game where student-created bots try to predict what their opponents will do next to gain an edge and win the majority of games played.

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Sudoku Generator

A Java App (originally written as an Applet) that lets you generate and solve Sudoku puzzles at varying levels of difficulty.

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A Java App (originally written as an Applet) that plays a game of Crib against you. Watch out, the AI plays a good game.

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Flocking Simulation

A Java App (originally written as an Applet) exploring flocking behaviour in two dimensions.

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My attempt to re-create a classic game as a Java App (originally written as an Applet). Sorry for the cheesy MIDI track.

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Another classic game reproduction, this time using GameMaker Studio.

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My rather misguided attempt to re-create Arkanoid in a Java App (originally written as an Applet).

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The beginnings of a Ms. Pac-Man clone written in Java. Never finished it, but I think I pretty much nailed the Ghost AI.

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Day Care Report Site

A prototype of a web app for home day care centers to post updates and photos for parents. Never got much past the prototype stage.

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Recovering What is Said with Empty Names

An extension of work from my dissertation, published in the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 2010.

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Cognitive Science and the Philosophy of Language

Published in the Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (Second Edition), 2006.

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Splitting Concepts

Written after teaching a graduate course on theories of concepts, and published in the journal Philosophy of Science, 2006.

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Metarepresentation in Philosophy and Psychology

Won the David Marr prize for best student paper at the Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 2001.

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QA-LaSIE: A Natural Language Question Answering System

A write-up of work done at the University of Sheffield, published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2001.

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Feature Engineering for Text Classification

A condensed version of my Master's Thesis, published in Proceedings of the International Conference in Machine Learning, 1999.

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Demo Songs for a Band that Doesn't Exist

Written and recorded under the name "End of the World 1969" between 2005 and 2008.

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Written in the summer of 2009 and recorded with friends under the name "End of the World 1969" between 2009 and 2010.

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FL Studio

In the late 90's and early 2000's I wrote demo tracks and user guides for the FL Studio music creation tool. Listen to my FL Studio version of the Dr. Who theme song below.