Introduction to App Inventor

Sam Scott & Pejman Salehi, Sheridan College

Presented at the ACSE Conference, 2012

1. Basic Resources

2. Quick Links into the App Inventor Site

3. Pre-baked Example Apps

  • Don't unzip these App Inventor projects. Just save the zip files and upload them to your own App Inventor projects area.
  • Math Helper (Arithmetic expressions)
  • Paint Plot (Uses buttons and list picker)
  • Tic Tac Toe (Buttons, sounds, global variables, logic, etc.)
  • Octapad (Canvas and image sprites as buttons)
  • Dice (Uses accelerometer)
  • Mole Mash (Canvas, image sprites, and clock)
  • DodgeBall (Canvas, image sprite, ball, etc.)

4. Materials from Our Classes

5. Contact Us