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Introduction to Server Side Scripting with PHP CEMC 2014

Lesson 1

Motivation, Client-Server Architecture, Setup, Output, Script vs. Expression Tag, Variables, Control Structures, Functions, Exercises.

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Lesson 2

Input-Processing-Output, HTTP Request Parameters, $_GET, HTML Forms, Data Validation, Exercises.

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Next Steps

Session Management, File Management, POST Parameters, Exercises.

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PHP For Sheridan Students

Written specifically for students with both Java and JavaScript experience. Contains the exercises for this workshop.

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Not bad for beginners. Good level of detail for many web languages (not just PHP) but light on concepts and practice. Lots of simple code examples.

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The PHP Manual

Definitive, exhaustive, not so good for beginners.

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The Example Pack

Examples mentioned in PHP For Sheridan Students along with solutions and supporting files for some exercises.

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NetBeans Setup

IDEs like NetBeans and Eclipse can be configured to automatically upload PHP files to a server for easy testing. This handout shows how to do it in NetBeans.

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Notepad++ and an FTP client is all you really need to get going with this workshop.

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