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My Teaching

I teach applied computer science courses at Mohawk College in Hamilton. Most course materials are accessible through the eLearn course management system.

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My Textbook

JavaScript for Mohawk Students is An introductory JavaScript textbook I wrote originally for students at Sheridan College and then adapted for Mohawk College students.

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Competitive Programming

Computer Science group of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO-CS) sponsors an annual programming competition for high school students. Mohawk College also runs the Mohawk Coding Competition (MCC) for high school students. I'm on the question-writing team for both events. I also take part in the Google Code Jam every year.

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Bogsy's Magical Scrolls

This is a phone-friendly web app for Dungeons and Dragons players to research and organize their characters' spells. It's pretty nerdy!

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JavaScript Apps

First Mate is a JavaScript program that uses Monte Carlo Simulation to help a player defeat their BattleFriends at Sea opponents.

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Twitty Bird is a version of Flappy Bird that "retweets" recent stuff from Twitter when you succeed.

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Second Life

I develop dice games and other stuff in Second Life. My games use the Second Life physics engine to simulate dice rolling.

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Seating Plan Generator

Select your room size, paste in student names, generate a random seating plan, then click seats to toggle them available/unavailable.

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Recent Twitter

A tool to provide data for my students. Grabs a set of recent hashtags from Twitter and returns them as a text file.

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The "Pretty Good Plagiarism Detector" checks two pieces of code to find similar sequences. It's naive and inefficient but helpful.

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Computational Linguistics

Web CHApp: A Web-based Contrastive Hierarchy App is an HTML5 Canvas app with a PHP and Prolog back end that allows linguists to generate and manipulate Contrastive Hierarchy trees for phonological inventories. This project is a collaboration with Elan Dresher at the University of Toronto.

Due Date Manager

An experiment in letting students pick their own due dates. Each assignment has a default date plus "wiggle room" specified in days (usually 7 days). Students have a limited-time opportunity to move their own due date. Late assignments are not accepted.

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UFA Wednesday

Created with student Nathan Schucher to manage courses, enrollment and grades for the Wednesday Enrichment Program at Ursula Franklin Academy.

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A multi-agent Java game where students create bots to face off against one another.

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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Another multi-agent Java game where student-created bots try to predict what their opponents will do next to gain an edge and win the majority of games played.

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Sudoku Generator

A Java App (originally written as an Applet) that lets you generate and solve Sudoku puzzles at varying levels of difficulty.

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A Java App (originally written as an Applet) that plays a game of Crib against you. Watch out, the AI plays a good game.

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Flocking Simulation

A Java App (originally written as an Applet) exploring flocking behaviour in two dimensions.

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My attempt to re-create a classic game as a Java App (originally written as an Applet). Sorry for the cheesy MIDI track.

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Another classic game reproduction, this time using GameMaker Studio.

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My rather misguided attempt to re-create Arkanoid in a Java App (originally written as an Applet).

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The beginnings of a Ms. Pac-Man clone written in Java. Never finished it, but I think I pretty much nailed the Ghost AI.

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Day Care Report Site

A prototype of a web app for home day care centers to post updates and photos for parents. Never got much past the prototype stage.

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Recovering What is Said with Empty Names

An extension of work from my dissertation, published in the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 2010.

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Cognitive Science and the Philosophy of Language

Published in the Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (Second Edition), 2006.

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Splitting Concepts

Written after teaching a graduate course on theories of concepts, and published in the journal Philosophy of Science, 2006.

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Metarepresentation in Philosophy and Psychology

Won the David Marr prize for best student paper at the Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 2001.

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QA-LaSIE: A Natural Language Question Answering System

A write-up of work done at the University of Sheffield, published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2001.

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Feature Engineering for Text Classification

A condensed version of my Master's Thesis, published in Proceedings of the International Conference in Machine Learning, 1999.

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Demo Songs for a Band that Doesn't Exist

Written and recorded under the name "End of the World 1969" between 2005 and 2008.

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Written in the summer of 2009 and recorded with friends under the name "End of the World 1969" between 2009 and 2010.

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FL Studio

In the late 90's and early 2000's I wrote demo tracks and user guides for the FL Studio music creation tool. Listen to my FL Studio version of the Dr. Who theme song below.