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Course Description

This is the first half of a course on building web apps (Web Development 2 is the other half). Web apps are computer programs that run over the web. In desktop apps (like Microsoft Word) or mobile apps (like Candy Crush Saga) the user interface, processing and associated data are mostly or entirely taken care of within the device that the app is running on. In a web app, the user interface is a web page that is retrieved from a server and displayed on a browser running on a “client” computer, but the data for the application is housed on a remote server and the processing is done partly on the client and partly on the server using programming languages specifically tailored for each purpose.

In this course we focus on the non-programming aspects of web app design. You will learn basic layout and styling for mobile and desktop web apps using HTML5 and CSS3. You will learn how to set up forms in HTML5 to collect user data and send it to a server. You will also learn how to host a web site on line, how to run a web server locally, and a little bit about security on the web.

Sam Scott (Professor)

Office hours are by appointment in either E202 (Trafalgar) or B204 (Davis). Feel free to email me any time, but please include your name and the course name in all correspondence. Emailing me through SLATE is not recommended.


The main text for this course is W3 Schools. This site contains tutorials, explanations, exercise and quizzes, but also includes complete language references for HTML and CSS.

There will also be handouts and example code available. All on-line materials will be available through SLATE.

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Course Outline

The official Sheridan course outline is available at

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Class Meetings

Fridays, 11:00 – 14:00, M5

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